2017 Volleyball Jamboree Information

Hillsboro Volleyball Jamboree

Hillsboro High School Volleyball Jamboree 2017


Date:  Thursday, August 17th

Time:  5:00 PM

Admission:  $3 for adults, $1 for students

Location: Hillsboro High School (Gym 1)

Participating Schools: Herculaneum, Hillsboro, Jefferson R-7

Uniforms:  All schools will wear HOME uniforms

Rules / Regulations:

  • Each team can play two sets against each team.
    • Four sets being the max each school can play.
  • Each set is to be played to 19 points.
  • Each team will get a full warm up before their first game.
    • After that, they will be given 5 minutes to warm up.

Game Schedule:  Thursday, August 17th starting at 5pm

2 sets vs. each team each set is played to 19 points.

Hillsboro vs. Jefferson R-7             (5:00pm)

Jefferson R-7 vs. Herculaneum      (5:45pm)

Herculaneum vs. Hillsboro             (6:30pm)