Coed Varsity Track · HHS Varsity Boys Track & Field Relies on Leadership, Culture and Tradition No Matter the Circumstances

HHS Varsity Boys Track & Field Relies on Leadership, Culture and Tradition No Matter the Circumstances

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Apparently some French novelist originated this quote back in the 1800s.  It’s probably a good bet he didn’t have the 2019 edition of the Hillsboro Hawks varsity boys track and field team in mind, but it seems to fit this spring.  “Expectations are extremely high as they have been since I’ve been at Hillsboro,” said head coach Todd Medley.  “We have developed a culture to where the athletes expect to improve every practice and meet in which we compete, and hopefully by doing so, we will put ourselves in a great position to compete for another conference and district championship.”

That’s never an easy task, especially when you lose quality athletes each year including Isaiah Martin who is impressing everyone at Purdue right now.  But Medley remains staunch in his belief in his athletes, even in the face of a change in district assignments.  “MSHSAA released the new classes and districts last Friday, and we have moved from our normal district with a lot of familiar schools, to an entire different district with schools we don’t see that much,” he points out.  “So, as coaches, we will really be diligent in monitoring these new district schools throughout the season.  As we have always done here, we will never back down from any challenge or adversity.”

But as the team enters this spring’s schedule, it is still searching for those who will lead the charge.  “One challenge, and it will be interesting to watch this develop, will be the leadership aspect of the team,” Medley admits.  “We graduated, I believe, 18 seniors last year, and they didn’t have to be told too much.  With this group, I don’t know yet who will emerge.”

It might be two individuals that Medley singles out as keys to the team’s success this season.  “Michael Wright, a distance runner, and Isaac Readnour in hurdles and jumps, will definitely lead the way,” Medley says.  “And then we have a bunch of others that will fill in very nicely.  We will be very young, but will have tremendous depth, and I like that.”

Medley sees strengths developing with this team already, and even got a little surprise in pre-season workouts.  “The strengths of this team will be our stable of hurdlers and our field events,” Medley says.  “And right now, I am starting to see some big potential with our sprinters, although we have none returning from last year.  We have a group of athletes who are either returning after a year off, or coming out for the first time…guys like James WeberTyler SizemoreAustin PerezTyler Robinson, and Gavin Wokurka.”  As far as works in progress?  Medley sees a thin lineup of distance runners after Wright.  “The lack of distance runners will be one area that we will have to work through and be creative with this season,” he comments.

There have been a few opportunities this season to get to some different meets that the team hasn’t attended in the past.  The season begins for Hillsboro on Monday as the team hosts the Hawk Relays.  The meet will start at 4:00 p.m.  Take a look at Hillsboro’s complete schedule by following this link:  2019 Hillsboro Track & Field Schedule.