Coed Varsity Wrestling · Big Weekend for Hillsboro Wrestling as Hawks Dominate Fuhrmann Duals

Big Weekend for Hillsboro Wrestling as Hawks Dominate Fuhrmann Duals

The spotlight was on the Hillsboro wrestling program this weekend, as they hosted the Don Fuhrmann Duals on Friday and Saturday.  And the Hawks didn’t disappoint.  In addition to running a fine event, they also won the team title, and eight wrestlers won weight class championships.  The champions included:

106-Gavin Alexander
113-Blake Jackson
120-Aidan Haggard
126-Evan Morris
132-James Short
138-Dalton Litzsinger
145-Griffin Ray
182-Zach McNees

Nick Green was a runner up at 160, and Jordan Jarvis (285) and John Bennett (182) finished in third place.

Here is a rundown of each athlete’s performance over the two days, and their comments where appropriate.

106–Gavin Alexander…went 8-0 with three wins by fall and five forfeit wins.  “The whole team did amazing, racking up team points for us to win our home tournament.  I wasn’t there last year, but I know we didn’t win, and my expectations for us this year are big and to beat Farmington.  Watch out for us…here we come.  And to have five forfeits shows me that they don’t take this sport seriously, or they don’t want to wrestle me.”

113–Blake Jackson…went 8-0 with two wins by fall, two wins by decision, and four forfeit wins.  “Our team has very high goals for the season, and we are working very hard towards achieving those goals, and I think we will do it.  I feel that I wrestled very good in my matches today, and I was really pumped when I won a close one against the kid from Sikeston.  But I still have things to work on.”

120–Aidan Haggard…went 8-0 with three wins by fall, a win by major decision, a win by decision, and three forfeit wins.  “Regarding my team, they have been putting a lot of effort and time into practice, and I guess it started to show at this specific tournament.  It shows how well we have all improved since the beginning of this year.  With me personally, I feel I did a very good job.  Yes, there are some things I can work on, but I feel like I put my best effort into this tournament, and it paid off.”

126–Evan Morris…went 8-0 with five wins by fall, two wins by decision, and one forfeit win.

132–James Short…went 8-0 with five wins by fall, one win by decision, and two wins by forfeit.

138–Dalton Litzsinger…went 8-0 with six wins by fall, and two wins by forfeit.  “The team wrestled extremely well this weekend.  Everyone bonded great, and we competed as a team.  We are growing together like never before, and I’m very excited to see how the season continues to go for us.  Everyone is exceeding expectations, and that all starts in the practice room.  The coaches have done an amazing job to this point, preparing us for competition.  We won eight of 14 weight classes, and placed in just about every one we didn’t win individually.  I personally am happy to see everyone’s work paying off, but with that being said, there’s more work to be done to achieve our end goals.  I think I wrestled pretty good this weekend, but there are adjustments to be made other than that, I’m happy with my performance.  I wish I could’ve wrestled the two forfeit matches to see how they would’ve ended, so that I could continue making progress in my wrestling.”

145–Griffin Ray…went 8-0 with seven wins by fall, and one win by forfeit.  “As a team, we wrestled very well.  We have grown tremendously over the course of this year.  We had eight champions and dominated all weekend.  I am proud of us, as a whole, and I am really looking forward to how we end up.  I wrestled well.  I felt loose and prepared to wrestle every match, thanks to our coaches.  I would have loved to have that extra match, but that’s how wrestling is, so I’m excited and proud of my team.  But I’m not satisfied yet.”

152–Chase Frank…went 2-6 with one win by fall, and one forfeit win.

160–Nick Green…went 6-2 with five wins by fall, and one forfeit win.

170–Ethan Prashun…went 4-4 with one win by pin, one win by decision, and two forfeit wins.

182–John Bennett…went 6-2 with three wins by fall, one win by decision, and two forfeit wins.

195–Zach McNees…went 8-0 with three wins by fall, and five wins by forfeit.  “As a team, I think we wrestled great.  Our domination was shown through all our duals.  I really like how our program is coming along this year, and I’m excited to see how everything will go.  Although I didn’t get a lot of matches this weekend, I’m more happy with how amazing my teammates did.”

285–Jordan Jarvis…went 6-2 with one win by fall, and five wins by forfeit.

Here are head coach Matt Mitchell’s thoughts on the weekend:

“It was definitely a great weekend for the program.  I’m proud of our kids.  They had fun.  There was a good mix of intensity, but we were still having fun with the two days.  We haven’t won our tournament in three years.  It was important to us to win our home tournament again.  I thought we wrestled our best against some of the schools we will see down the road at districts.”

“Our tournament is unique.  The teams and coaches like the format, I think.  It’s a dual tournament, but we keep individual records and points as well, so we award the top three individuals medals as well.  It kind of gives the kids some extra motivation.  It also allows the teams that maybe are not as good team-wise, to still have give their best kids a chance to get recognition for having a good tournament.”

“The tournament’s outstanding wrestler, as voted by the coaches, was Callum Sitek (152) from Pacific.

“It was difficult for me to vote for OW.  We got eight champs, and they all wrestled really well.  Aidan Haggard looked his best all season.  Dalton was our leader, and James wrestled some tough kids and took care of business.  I guess I would give the edge to freshman Griffin Ray for my vote.  He beat three pretty tough kids, including one returning state qualifier from Pacific.  Gavin Alexander wrestled some tough district kids as well.  He is really growing as a wrestler.  Blake Jackson had a good weekend and took first.  He had made some big strides since the beginning of the year, and we are happy with his progression.  Evan Morris is another freshman that took first.  He, too, beat some good district opponents.  I was happy with Evan’s effort.  He was feeling a bit under the weather this weekend, but he was able to get through it and help the team.  Zach McNees got first place as well, wrestling up a weight class.  Zach went up and helped the team out this weekend.  He did a really good job.  He just keeps getting better and better, and it’s fun to watch.”

“John Bennett took third and probably had the most exciting match of the weekend.  He scored a takedown against Kirkwood with about one second left on the clock to win.  The team was excited for him.  That win also put him in third place, earning his first podium finish as a varsity wrestler.  Nick Green, another freshman, took second.  Nick is starting to put some things together. I told Nick it wasn’t a surprise he wrestled better this weekend, because he has had some good practices the past week of so.  Jordan Jarvis took third and had a solid weekend.  He is so close to winning some big matches, and we are proud of him so far, but we know he wants more.  We will get back to work with him.”

“I want to thank everyone that helped us run our tournament this weekend.  Everything went smoot,h and the tournament was great.  There are just so many people involved with the Hillsboro wrestling community now.  From teachers, faculty, maintenance, administration, parents, alumni, HWC, and fans.  Thank you for coming out to watch and support Hillsboro Wrestling.

Next up is a dual against Rockwood Summit January 7th at home.